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About Me

About meHi there! A few words about myself. I’m originally from Helsinki, Finland.  And although our nationality does define a big part of any of us, I have always been a cosmopolitan at heart. That is why languages have always played a major role in my life. It started I guess at the age of 14 when I decided that the school English just wasn’t enough for me. I needed to know more, use the language more, so I decided to start using it daily by myself. Instead of making notes during classes in my mother tongue Finnish, I made them in English instead. I decided that English would be my second language, and it has been just that ever since.

It is as simple as that, the way I see it. About deciding. Sure we all have our specific talents, and for some of us it is easier to learn a new language. But nevertheless I believe that just like we learn our mother tongue, we can learn to be proficient in another language almost as well. By feeling our way through it. More on that later.

I do not have any master’s degree, but I have studied several languages on university level, there among Danish, Greek, Icelandic, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian and Swedish. Did you notice by the way that those were in alphabetical order? I am big on setting everything alphabetically, and the multilingual dictionary that I have been working on the past ten years, is no different. More on that later.

Besides being hugely interested in languages, dictionaries, travelling, etc etc, I am also a mother of two grown sons. And as it happens, my first-born decided (there we go!) to switch his mother tongue in his final exams officially to English so he could skip Finnish (his actual mother tongue but a language in which he felt he expressed himself poorly). So he chose his father tongue instead. I did not protest.

That may suffice about my background. Let’s concentrate now on you, and how this site could help you to master many languages, or at least speak them with relative ease. Remember, I am here to help you. Anything you wonder about, you just need to ask!


Yours Kindly,

Tarja (pronounced as Tarya by the way)
Founder of Being a Polyglot

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