Being a Polyglot

Welcome to Being a Polyglot!

If you are heHandsHoldingEarthre for the first time, let me just tell you in a few words what this site is all about. It is mainly aimed for people who master several languages, i.e. polyglots. But also for anybody who is into multilingualism and needs good tools for that. To back this up, there is a multilingual dictionary here called Mercury Dictionary that I have been working on the past ten years. More about that later.

In case you aren’t one, you might ask yourself what is a polyglot? Read how an Irish polyglot –  whose texts I find really pleasing and interesting –  explains it so well. In short, for a polyglot to study languages is not the thing, it is actively using them for communication with anybody they happen to meet. A polyglot is not a timid being, but one with a childlike eagerness to always learn more. And if you’re a closet polyglot, mastering several but speaking just one – a living contradiction per se – this is the site for you!

This site is going to have lots of articles posted on different subjects concerning polyglotism, anything from the psyche of a polyglot to travel experiences in cities and places around the world. The approach of this site is: no one can master all the languages of the world (and there really is no need to!), but we should not be satisfied with knowing just one, being a monolingual. Unless you live a hermit in the backwoods where you never need to meet a stranger!

Out there in the world, one language to communicate with is usually not enough –  even if English has the strong position it has in today’s world. One day that position could be occupied by Chinese, just like it was by French, or Latin. Here in Europe where I write from, it is very common to know at least two or three languages – and often times English is one of them. As a European you don’t expect though other Europeans to be knowledgeable enough in English, but as a common courtesy you try to know at least a few words or sentences in the language of the country you are visiting.

Nevertheless, this site is first and foremost for the polyglots of the world – and like-minded people! So come along and join me in this spectacular journey!

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