BridgeConstructorHi there! If you are new to this site, let me tell you in a few words what it is all about. Simply put, it is a mishmash. Of languages. English is the main language here – for obvious reasons – but otherwise, anything goes! You are bound to be confused at times, but bear with me. You are meant to get confused! You are meant to get so relaxed about languages, that you will welcome any chance of coherence. And coherence there will be, lots of it. Both guttural and cultural. No man is an island, and neither is a language. There are bridges to cross here, connections to be made, and all will lead to greater understanding. So free your mind, and free your tongue! If you are a polyglot, you most probably are pretty free already. But since this site is not only for polyglots, but the aspiring ones, let’s start with the basics. The tongue. That’s the topic for the next post – soon to follow.

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