Puzzles and Riddles

In Tallinn ZooNow to something quite different! Do you like puzzles? You know, the kind that children make? I do. Also riddles, but puzzles are more mein Gebiet. There is a great puzzle provider called Jigidi.com that has a worldwide audience. You can find all sorts of puzzles there, anything from Tiere to Gebäuden (CD*). The picture to the left was taken in Tallinn Zoo in Estonia, and made into a puzzle by yours truly. You could create your own any time!

The words that you see here below are solely about physical puzzles (even if made online), not mental riddles. Try as I might, I can’t find the word in Kiswahili – perhaps they just don’t make puzzles in Africa? If you know the word, please leave a message in the comment section – much appreciated!

puzzle /jigsaw puzzle palapeli mosaiikmäng/pusle pussel puslespil puslespill púsluspil(n) Puzzle(n)/Puzzlespiel(n) puzzle(m) rompecabezas(m)/ puzzle(m) quebra-cabeça(f) rompicapo(m) παζλ(n) головоломка pazuru パズル

*The abbreviation CD (or cd) is used here from now on without further explanation. Here it always means Check (your) Dictionary (not Compact Disc or Corpus Diplomati).

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