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Never too Old to Learn

person-woman-desk-laptop-largeIs there an age limit for learning new languages? Answer: Of course there isn’t! To even ask that is about the same as asking someone whether or not he or she is too old to learn to peel an orange! You’re never too old to learn a few more languages! Or at least a few more sentences! And if for no other reason than just to brighten your – or someone else’s – day!

Here is how that age old wisdom would look like in these languages:

Live and learn(Eng) Oppia ikä kaikki(Fin) Man lär så länge man lever/Den som lever får se(Swe) Lifa og læra(Ice) Man lernt nie aus(Ger) Vis et aprend(Fra) Você vive e aprende(Por) Vive e Aprende(Spa) Vivere e imparare(Ita) Vivere et discire(Lat) Μαθαίνει κανένας όσο ζεί(Gre) Век живи, век учись(Rus) Kuishi na kujifunza(Swa) Seikatsu shi, manabimasu(Jpn) =生活し、学びます

No, you’re never too old, and never too young either! Any age goes – even if as a child you may want to learn to master that one language before taking on another. Or do you? Bilingualism is a pretty common thing in the world!

Anyway, age really is no barrier, and a senior citizen should have ample time to study an extra language, right? Wrong! Just like at any other time in one’s life, time is a commodity fought over by so many different interests that it always boils down to individual choices. So, do you – or do you not – want to order that cup of coffee in lingua regionis? :)